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Selecting a custom club head design couldn't be simpler....

Check out the playing characteristics to see which head suits your current playing performance. You can then either have a complete custom fit and a demo club will be built to your exact specifications. A complete custom set can then be delivered usually in less than 5 days. For those who have already been fitted and know their custom set-up Driver, fairway or Iron sets can be ordered pre-built. Simply email required specification including head type, shaft, flex and grip.

Specialist Custom painting!

For that extra special custom effect why not check out Custom Painted clubheads here..


All sets are priced including custom fitment with selection for loft/lie and swingweighting or MOI matching to lengths, grips and shafts custom selected from fitting data. Individual clubs can be built and sets 'grown' as required one club at a time. prices range from £25 per iron and £65 for hybrids and £85 for woods depending upon shaft choice.

As clubs are designed for individuals please Call or email for pricing.

Complete specifications are available Here


***NEW*** 575MMC Forged Steel Progressive Cavity Iron

Brilliant new progressive cavity design incorporating complete CNC Machined back cavity.

The cavity back 3-7iron design gradually moves weight from low to mid cavity level whilst the 8iron-wedge design is a true CNC machined mucscleback. The finish and matching quality of this design is truely innovative.

Providing precision CoG location for ultimate trajectory control and spin management the new 575's are truely a superb design concept.

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***NEW*** 979 Full Game Improvement Cavity Back Irons

Progressive blade design gradutes from Semi-Shallow in the longer irons to a more conventional height in the scoring clubs.

This lowers the CoG in the longer irons to promote a higher flight with a more conventional trajectory in the mid to short clubs.

Cast from soft 431 Stainless Steel for easy loft and lie bending.

Has a CNC milled face to improve spin and a semi-wide sole design to improve the ground contact and reduce the incidence of fat shots.

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870 Ti CNC Face Engineered Irons

Award winning,  oversize iron with thin Beta- Titanimum variable thickness face.

Ultra thin forged titanium face provides a COR typical of current driver technology so this head is very 'hot. This face design allows more weight to be distributed to the periphery increasing the Hean MOI and thus off-centre shot forgiveness.

Provides great feeling and superb distance control. The choice for players looking to improve long iron trajectory and distance but who prefer conventional head design.

Low offset hosel design allows a wider range of players to benefit from this superb head.

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560MC Forged Milled Irons

High quality forged players club.

Extemely popular design made from 1035 carbon steel and then milled to reduce the face thickness and create a super playable high MOI design.

Slightly wider sole reduces the incidence of 'fat' hits and is custom ground to provide a neat front/back radius.

Finished in a very high quality Satin Chrome plate.

This club is very forgiving and with low offset is a vaible alternative to a blade or cavity back design. New logo for 2012

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Heads in Stock

752TC Trajectory Control Irons

Progressive weighed pad design to keep CG low and towards the rear of the head. Good Choice for players who want a traditional blade shape but with the advantages of game improvement design.

Neat appearance and clean lines make this club a choice for those seeking a more traditional club head shape but with good shot forgiveness.

Superb value for money cavity design.

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555M Classic Muscleback Forged Iron

Traditional Forged Carbon Steel heads in muscleback design which can be combined with the 555C for a true custom blade set.

Superb design and appearance, these are hard to beat both for performance against any OEM make and quality of construction.

Suitable for mid to low handicappers who want to high controlled shots with shape. Fitting recommended to ensure tight custom build specifications.

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555C Classic Cavity back Forged Iron

Similar in appearance to the 555M these iron heads have a cavity design providing more forgiveness than traditional bladed clubs.

Can be mixed with any selection from the 550M range to accommodate player preferences with cavity's in the longer irons and musclebacks in the scoring clubs to provide terrific shot management.

Custom fitting recommended in conjunction with specialist wedge choice.

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***NEW*** 775HS Hybrid Long Irons

Innovative replacement for those who find traditional long irons hard to hit. Ideal for those who prefer Utility clubs and want more of them!

Premium High Strength thin steel compact hybrid.

The 775HS combines a high strength HS350 steel alloy and a unique 304 stainless steel hosel to create a very hot head where the hosel can be bent for lie.

The head design includes a split level sole to reduce drag and allow a crisp strike. Available in 2-5 iron replacement lofts.

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331H Hybrid Iron

Excellent new model that incorporates a Hybrid design with additional sole weighting ports to provide a wide variety of MOI and shaft length options whilst maintaining

This design is more of an iron replacement compared to the 775HS head


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Limited Edition Set -Tom Wishon 550C

Designed as a custom grind by Tom Wishon himself based on the existing 550C forged iron the limited edition set of only 350 is truly superb. A magnificent  dark Nickel plated finish marks these clubs out as very special indeed.

Each set comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by Tom Wishon and is individually laser etched with the series number. The best design and finish I have ever seen.

The comprises 2-SW and is built to your specific requirements.

Sold Out

550 LTD photo


***NEW*** 919THI Driver

Now this really is the best of the best!!

The 919 has been designed as a high MOI head to provide the longest and most forgiving head in the Wishon range

With a basic MOI of over 5,000 g-cm2 this head outperforms all other radical shape designs. Further MOI increases can be found with correctlt fitted shaft length and swingweight making this head the true MOI leader for forgiving shoymaking.

Suitable for all player types this head is my absolute favourite Wishon design.

The elongated head design has extended the CoG 48mm back from the face producing a higher launch angle than the loft selection suggests.

With a variable thickness forged face made from SP700 itanium and a body of durable 6/4 Titanium this is an outstanding head for any player.

Available in 9°, 11°, 13° and 15.5° lofts the reange also includes a 3° closed face design for draw bias applications.

Hand selected lofts available.


***NEW*** 739CCG Driver

A true forged Titanium design with an ultra thin 0.7mm wall thickness designed to reduce the total headweight enabling a wide range of fitting options.

Centrally located weight bores allow significant weight addition and manipulation creating the potential for launch angle and spin control manipulation

Soft Cp4 titanium hosle allows for custom bending for lie, another Wishon design first!

Available in 9.5 or 11deg lofts.

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***NEW*** 929HS Fairway

A Shallow face high MOI head design with high strength steel face for distance and playability. A compact design this head complements the 775HS hybrid design for those who prefer the smaller more compact look at address.

With 32mm face height this clus is ideal for those players seeking a higher flight per loft.

Includeing the now familiar 304stainless steel hosel this fairway wood can be custom bent for lie.

Available in 12°, 14°, 16.5°, 18° and 21.5° lofts.


915FH Fairway Wood/Hybrid

The most innovative design for some time in the development of fairway wood to hybrid transition. This new model provides an additional weight port for custom fitting for a much wider range of shaft lengths whilst maintaining the correct swingweight or MOI match for the player.

Incorporating a new range of lofts to complement the higher flight head design and a very shallow face design to create a very low CoG this club really does allow a huge range of custom fit options for the most discerning player.

Available in Lofts of 13°, 16°, 18.5° and 21°. The 16° model will be of particular interest to those who may want the flight of a 5W but the distance closer to a 3W.


949MC Fairway

Another major model from Tom Wishon incorporating the very latest shallow face design with an astounding 0.830 COR rating making the very longest legal fairway wood design available today.

The head sits beautifully on the ground at set-up and inspires confidence with it's highly radiused leading edge design ensuring minimal digging on all fairway types.

This head is available in 14°, 16.5°, 18° and 21.5° lofts to complement the 949MC Driver design.



PCF Micro Tour Wedge

The years most innovative wedge.

Another Wishon design first this wedge incorporates microgroove scorelines and a CNC milled face that actually increases the face surface roughness and flatness to provide a super spinning performance.

The Microgrooves are designed to increase the number of groove edges to be in contact with the ball at impact.

The low bounce heel design allows the blade to be opened easily with fear of a bladed shot being produced for those delicate shots over a hazard to a tight pin position.

Investment cast from soft 304 stainless steel and available in satin chrome or Platinum finishes.

Lofts of 48°, 52°, 56° 58° and 60° LW are offered with the 56° SW having 12° of bounce for sand shots.




***NEW*** Micro Groove HM

Designed with classic  tear-drop shape profile this design incorporates a medium sole width and the new Horizontal face milling between the scorelines for maximum friction and added spin.

An innovative Blade-on-Blade shape produces a slightly higher CoG that produces a more solid feel for shots hit higher up the face.

The new HM wedges also include the familiar Wishon Micro-Groove scorelines.

Beautiful new designs cast from soft 8620 CARBON steel providing a very soft feel. Finished in a pearl Chrome plating.

Available in 48°, 52°, 56°, 58° and 60° lofts in either a satin chrome or Platinum finish.



***NEW*** S2R Series Putter

This is a brand new Wishon design set of classic putter heads designed with key performance benefits not present in many other designs.

The S2R 1 is a cast hosel design incorporating a straight shaft entry.

The S2R 2 utilises a double bend shaft design with slightly less offset available depending upon shaft choice.

The S2R 3 is a semi-mallet design with a straight shaft hosel.

the S2R 4 incorporates a centre shaft design with angled head bore encompassing a straight shaft design.



Ex-Demonstration Savings

Model Price, email for availability


Set of 991C cavity back irons 3-PW. MOI matched set with Golfpride Dual Durometer grips. £250 set